Haiti 500 Sponsorship   Recently updated !

Haiti 500 – It’s Worth a Fortune! 

Join our Haiti 500 Club!  We can accomplish so much through your support. A dollar goes a very long way in Haiti.  It truly is a fortune!  For example, $500 can provide a year of therapy for a child with developmental impairments.  $500 can send a child of an adult with a disability to school for an entire year. For just $1.37 a day, you can dramatically impact the lives of others by choosing one of the areas of need below.  

As a Thank You from us, you will receive:

  • Five  “Haiti 500” wristbands handmade by a Team Zaryen athlete with disability.  See our Adaptive Sports page to learn more about Team Zryen.  Keep them or give them out and spread the word!
  • At least 2 personal letters from the receiver of your gift.
  • Acknowledgement on our “Haiti 500 Sponsorship Wall of Fame” on our website and Facebook page.

Ways to Connect With Your Recipient:

  • Send letters, cards, and photographs
  • Visit them in Haiti on a Mission Trip!

Your Haiti 500 Sponsorship will address needs identified in  the following areas.  

  • Therapy services for children and adults with disabilities  Read more… ( Followup care after an injury or illness is an additional hardship for those with disabilities in an under developed nations.  Without a job or health care insurance, it is often out of reach to receive therapy services.  Helping an adult with a disability to maximize their function will certainly change their lives for the better.  Many children with cerebral palsy or other developmental impairments have never had any therapy intervention. Your support can change their lives!)
  •  Orthotic/prosthetic device or specialized equipment for a child  or adult in need.  Read more… (Often a device such as a brace or prosthetic leg can dramatically improve function and quality of life.  Equipment such as an orthotic, prosthetic, pediatric positioning device, specialized wheelchair, augmentative communication or feeding device may mean the difference of being included in their community or being stranded in their homes.  Your gift of this device will be life changing)
  • Medical appointments and/or procedures  for a child or adult with disability.  Read more… (Helping a family get a loved one to a needed procedure is a daunting task in Haiti.  You can provide support for medical appointments such as orthopedic or neurology appointments, procedures such as x-rays or lab tests, transportation and follow-up care for a child or adult in need.  Often a child or adult with disability has a critical medical need but are unable to receive them due to financial hardship.  You can make this possible and truly effect their life!)
  • Skills training and program development for adults with disabilities. Read more… (Our mission is to support people with disabilities in Haiti.  Although we are not limiting our support to Team Zaryen, we have been highly involved with members of the Team Zaryen Amputee Soccer Team and Wheelchair basketball team.  The team is made up of members with amputations, multiple fractures and spinal cord injuries who are determined to improve their own lives and the lives of others.  After becoming injured, most Team Zaryen athletes cannot perform the job they previously had.  Only two Team Zaryen athletes currently have a formal job and most can not afford to send their children to school.  Providing skills training can change the future of the adult and their family.  We believe in giving a hand- up not a hand out.   We are currently looking to support training programs for personalized wristbands, sandal making and screen printing on apparel.
  • Education of a child of an adult with disability.  Read more… (As most Team Zaryen athletes currently don’t have a formal job, they are unable to send their children to school.  In Haiti, parents pay for their children to go to school and also are required to buy uniforms each year.  This is often an insurmountable barrier.  When having to choose between feeding their family or providing an education they, of course, need to choose feeding their families.  Your support of the education of their children will help to alleviate their burden and can change their lives of the many generations.)
  • Supplies for our Mobility Device program.  Read more...  (Your donation will be used to purchase supplies such as PVC pipe, needed to build walkers, canes and other rehabilitative equipment. In this way, the Team can pay-it-forward and help others needing these devices. Team Zaryen’s mission is to advocate and provide hope for others with disabilities in Haiti.  This program allows them to do just that.)
  • Sponsor specialized training in rehabilitative services.  Read more… (We are partnering with D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY to provide intensive training in rehabilitation services.  We strongly believe in the saying, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats forever. “ We feel we will have an even greater impact for many more people in need by providing education to rehabilitation professionals in Haiti though this program.
  • Support a shipment of new and gently used supplies to Haiti.  Read more… By recycling gently used medical and rehabilitation equipment we can decrease our footprint on earth and support others in need.  People are very generous in donating their equipment they no longer need.  Getting them to Haiti is often the barrier.  Help us remove this barrier and get these devices to those in need in Haiti.

Specific Needs We Have Identified for Sponsorship  (need to add pictures)

  1. Sponsor a year of therapy for Alysha – Read about Alysha…  (Gonaives, Haiti )
  2. Sponsor a year of therapy for Maykervens – Read about Maykervens…  (Gonaives, Haiti)
  3. Sponsor a year of therapy for Clairona Lima – Read about Cloirona… (Lacoupe, Haiti  –
  4. Support a year of school for Orima Lucchael: Read more about Lucchael and his father Luccene… (Luccheal is almost 4.  He is scheduled to start his 2nd year of Kindergarten.  In Haiti, Kindergarten starts at age 3.  His father, Orima Luccene is a member of Team Zaryen Amputee Soccer Team. Luccene tells us ” I have two children who should return to school this year. And I do not yet see the means. I am a professional who does not work yet. Economically I am really weak to support my children. So every year I want this year is seeing my two children return to school in the coming months.  I have a daughter and a boy.”)
  5. Support a year of school for Orima Shammaelle: Read more… (On August 11, 2017, Shammaelle will be 3 years old.  This will be her first year in Kindergarten.  Her father, Orima Luccene is a member of Team Zaryen Amputee Soccer Team.  Luccene tells us ” I have two children who should return to school this year. And I do not yet see the means. I am a professional who does not work yet. Economically I am really weak to support my children. So every year I want this year is seeing my two children return to school in the coming months.  I have a daughter and a boy.”)
  6. Support for rent for the Rehabilitation Clinic in Gonaives.  Read more… The annual rent for the clinic is $2,500 USD.  This is where we are able to provide our therapy services in Gonaves, Haiti.  Gonaives is a city of 300,000 people with no access to rehab care.  Prior to our clinic opening, the closest clinic was in Port au Prince about a two hours drive away.  Five donors are needed to support our clinic.  We will send you updates on our success throughout the year.  Read more about the clinic here…
  7. Support for rent for the Shop in Port-au-Prince.  Read more… (In order to provide a place for Team Zaryen to learn, work and plan for the future, we are looking for 3 donors to fund out shop in Port-au-Prince.  Learn more about our shop here… )
  8. Sponsor equipment for Adaptive Sports programs.  Read more… (Team Zaryen athletes such as wheelchairs, crutches, replacement crutch tips, shin guards, uniforms, cleats, soccer balls and basketballs.  Adaptive sports significantly improves the quality of life of persons with disability,  It provides friendship, support and inclusion.  Many of the players say that being part of Team Zaryen has made them feel alive again!  Sponsoring this program is vitally important to the athletes quality of life.)

Don’t Wait!

  • Our first 5 Haiti 500 donor or donor group will receive a complimentary Barbancourt Special Edition bottle of Rum made exclusively in Haiti as a thank you from us. (21 and over)

Sign Me Up!  

  • Donate securely in one transaction or through automatic monthly payments.    
  • Single annual donations are $500.  Automatic monthly transactions are just  $41.67 per month
  • You will receive a receipt for your tax deductible donation. 
  • Groups can join together for one Haiti 500 sponsorship.  You can combine funds or fundraise to reach the $500 goal.  Bake sales, Barbecues and Car Wash fundraisers are great to raise this amount.
  • We kindly ask for a 2 year commitment from each donor or donor group to ensure the success of these programs.

Go to our Donate page at the top left corner, tell us which recipient you wish to support, and submit your payment!  If you have more questions about our Haiti 500 Sponsorship program, please email us at  info@haitirehabproject.org.


Chicken BBQ Fundraiser

This event was a wonderful success.  Thank you for your support!

Hey local Haiti Rehab Project fans. Help us bring Haitian Athletes to the Boilermaker! Enjoy our Chicken BBQ at the Center for Rehab behind Faxton St. Lukes Healthcare on May 25 from 11am to 5pm or til gone. BBQ by Jim Spinella includes: Half BBQ chicken, salt potatoes, cole slaw, roll, drink and desert!  [download the flyer .pdf]


Rehab Clinic Grand Opening!!

On January 7, 2016, the Haiti Rehab Project proudly sponsored the opening of the Rehab Clinic of Artibonite in Gonaives, Haiti.  Accomplishing this important goal – providing an area of 300,000 people access to rehabilitation services – was a culmination of many months of preparation and fundraising.  Imagine so many individuals who have suffered a stroke, spinal cord injury, or car accident or those caring for a child with special needs that do not have the availability of crucial rehabilitative services.  Now, those who desperately need these services around Gonaives, will not have to travel hours to Port-au-Prince to receive this care.

This clinic also serves as a central hub for our Community Based Rehab Program for the surrounding mountainous villages.  We can reach even more people in the remote communities with this program.  Our teams participate in mobile medical and rehab clinics in areas that have little or no access to healthcare.

More information and pictures coming soon!