Daily Archives: February 11, 2013

This amputee soccer team was created after the 2010 earthquake when hundreds in Haiti needed to have limbs amputated due to severe injuries or wounds that would not heal. Zaryen, the Creole word for Tarantula, is a spider known to carry on despite the loss of a limb. This fitting name describes the passion of the team and their vision to expand its mission beyond soccer. This team wants to send a message of hope to all who are disabled that they can carry on and be successful in Haiti. Currently, only 2 members of Team Zaryen have a formal job. They are unable to support themselves and are often homeless and hungry. Please donate to help give them skills to support themselves and their families. The sports programs give them a sense of belonging and an opportunity to be successful. The Team Zaryen outreach programs give them an opportunity […]

About Team Zaryen