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MAYKERVENS: About one month after Maykervens was born his mother realized there was something wrong.  She went to four different hospitals in Port -au-Prince and two in Gonaives to find help.  She said it looked like there was water on his head.  They had an MRI done but they said that nothing was wrong.  His current diagnosis is Cerebral Palsy.   Maykervens mother has one other child and is struggling to provide for all of their needs.  She is separated from her husband and can not work because she has to take care of her kids.  Maykervens mother found the clinic just recently.   She said that someone told me to come here because there was good care for the kids. Maykeven’s mother says “I have seen improvement since coming to the clinic!   Before, he could not sit.  Now, he can sit in a small chair by himself.  Sometimes he […]

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Followup care after an injury or illness is an additional hardship for those with disabilities in an under developed nations. Without a job or health care insurance, it is often out of reach to receive therapy services. Helping an adult with a disability to maximize their function will certainly change their lives for the better. Many children with cerebral palsy or other developmental impairments have never had any therapy intervention. Your support can change their lives!

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  ALYSHA: Alysha is an adorable 21 month old little girl.  She was born prematurely after her mom, Julienne Charles,  had a blood pressure problem during pregnancy. Alysha has cerebral palsy.  Her mother went to four hospitals , two in Port-au-Prince and two in Gonaives to try to find out what was wrong and how she could help her.  Her parents were told she has cerebral palsy but not given information on how to help her to develop.  They are having a lot of difficulty feeding her due to her spasticity.  She moves constantly and turns her head to the side.  Her mother is the only one that can successfully feed her.  This puts her at great risk for malnutrition.   Julienne found out about the clinic from another women.  She said ” There’s a woman who came here with her kids. When this woman first started coming, her child couldn’t run, […]

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