Sponsor Jn Bernard

Jn Bernard:     Photo and information coming soon! Your Sponsorship will provide Jn Bernard: One year of therapy in our clinic Assistance for him to be further assessed for adaptive equipment to assist his progress. Education and reassurance for his parents. As a Thank You from us, you will receive: 2-3 personal letters from her parents on how Jn Bernand is doing through your support. Five “Haiti 500” wristbands handmade by a Team Zaryen athlete with disability. See our Adaptive Sports page to learn more about Team Zaryen. Keep them or give them out and spread the word! Acknowledgement on our “Haiti 500 Sponsorship Wall of Fame” on our website and Facebook page. Ways to Connect With Your Recipient: Send letters, cards, and photographs Visit them in Haiti on a Mission Trip! Supporting his care will truly make a huge difference in this Jn Bernard’s life!   Join our Haiti 500 Club and […]

Sponsor Clairona Lima

Clairona: Clairona Lima is a precious little girl who has an unhealed ankle fracture and a chest deformity. She lives in a remote village called Lacoupe way up in the mountains of Haiti.   In this area, a medical clinic was recently opened two days per week at the new community center.  Her father brings all of his 7 children to the medical clinic when they need medical care.  When he heard that there was a new therapy clinic day there that Haiti Rehab Project opened in 2017, he was so excited.  He brought Clairona there as soon as he could.  He brought her because of her ankle fracture and because she can’t walk. Clairona’s mother passed away and her father struggles to provide for all of his children.  To get to the clinic, he walks for two and a half hours carrying Clairona.  Her father hopes she will be able to […]

Grant Received from Christopher Reeve Foundation!

HAITI REHAB PROJECT RECEIVES $8,000 GRANT FROM CHRISTOPHER & DANA REEVE FOUNDATION FOR REHABILITATION SERVICES     Utica, New York – (January,  2017) –Haiti Rehab Program is proud to announce that it has received a $8,000 Quality of Life grant from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. The award was one of 102 grants totaling $721,425 awarded by the Reeve Foundation to nonprofit organizations nationwide that provide more opportunities, access, and daily quality of life for individuals living with paralysis, their families, and caregivers. Conceived by the late Dana Reeve, the program has awarded over 2,900 grants totaling over $20 million since 1999.  Funding for the grants is made available through the Paralysis Resource Center (PRC) operated by the Reeve Foundation under a cooperative agreement with the Administration for Community Living in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.   Haiti Rehab Project will use the grant for to provide rehabilitation services in their new clinic in Gonaives, […]

Support Our Mobility Device Program

Providing mobility devices will dramatically improve the quality of life for people who are most in need.  We want to help meet the needs of those with physical disabilities in Haiti to obtain appropriate mobility devices. That’s why we started our Mobility Devices for Haiti program. In order to meet the needs of all in need, we feel these devices need to be made available free of charge to people who cannot afford them.  Therefore, we are looking for three Haiti 500 sponsors for to fund this program. Read more about our mobility device program here.

Sponsor equipment for Adaptive Sports programs.

We are committed to assisting those with disabilities in Haiti to be able to participate in sports and other leisure activities enhancing their quality of life.  Participating in sports activities is a way to build friendships and self esteem, provide exercise and promote teamwork for everyone. For those with disabilities, it means so much more. They realize they are not alone, that there is hope and life after an often devastating experience. It provides social support and inclusion opportunities. Choosing to sponsor Team Zaryen athletes will include providing equipment such as wheelchairs, crutches, replacement crutch tips, shin guards, uniforms, cleats, soccer balls and basketballs. Adaptive sports significantly improves the quality of life of persons with disability.  It provides friendship, support and inclusion. Many of the players say that being part of Team Zaryen has made them feel alive again! Sponsoring this program is vitally important to the athletes quality of […]

Support the Shop in Port-au-Prince

Finding a job in Haiti in difficult enough, finding one if you have a disability is almost impossible.  In late 2013, we opened our shop in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.   At our shop, we provide a space for those with physical disabilities to meet, plan and work.  Here they have the opportunity to support themselves and their families in a country where finding employment is difficult and even more difficult for those with disabilities. In order to provide a place for Team Zaryen to work we are looking for 3 Haiti 500 donors to help fund the rent and utilities for the shop in Port-au-Prince.  Learn more about our shop here…

Support the Rehabilitation Clinic in Gonaives

The clinic in Gonaives is where we are able to provide our therapy services. Gonaives is a city of 300,000 people with no access to rehab care. Prior to our clinic opening, the closest clinic was in Port au Prince about a two hours drive away. by sponsoring the clinic, you can impact hundreds of lives in Haiti.  Our annual rent and utilities for the clinic is $3,500 USD.  Seven donors are needed to support our clinic. We will send you updates on our success throughout the year.

Sponsor Shammaelle

 Shammaelle On August 11, 2017, Shammaelle will be 3 years old. This will be her first year in Kindergarten. Her father, Orima Luccene is a member of Team Zaryen Amputee Soccer Team. Luccene tells us ” I have two children who should return to school this year. And I do not yet see the means. I am a professional who does not work yet. Economically I am really weak to support my children. So every year I want this year is seeing my two children return to school in the coming months. I have a daughter and a boy.” Lucceal’s father is a loving dad who wants the best for his children.  Having a disability in Haiti, makes is extremely difficult for his father to find work to support his family.  He wants nothing more to be able to provide for his children and will be receiving skills training through our […]

Sponsor Lucceal

LUCCEAL: Luccheal is almost 4. He is scheduled to start his 2nd year of Kindergarten. In Haiti, Kindergarten starts at age 3. His father, Orima Luccene is a member of Team Zaryen Amputee Soccer Team. Luccene tells us ” I have two children who should return to school this year. And I do not yet see the means. I am a professional who does not work yet. Economically I am really weak to support my children. So every year I want this year is seeing my two children return to school in the coming months. I have a daughter and a boy.”  Lucceal’s father is a loving dad who wants the best for his children.  Having a disability in Haiti, makes is extremely difficult for his father to find work to support his family.  He wants nothing more to be able to provide for his children and will be receiving […]

Supplies for our Mobility Device program

Your donation will be used to purchase supplies such as PVC pipe, needed to build walkers, canes and other rehabilitative equipment. In this way, the Team can pay-it-forward and help others needing these devices. Team Zaryen’s mission is to advocate and provide hope for others with disabilities in Haiti. This program allows them to do just that.

Supplies for our Mobility Device program

Your donation will be used to purchase supplies such as PVC pipe, needed to build walkers, canes and other rehabilitative equipment. In this way, the Team can pay-it-forward and help others needing these devices. Team Zaryen’s mission is to advocate and provide hope for others with disabilities in Haiti. This program allows them to do just that.

Support for a child of an adult with disability

As most Team Zaryen athletes currently don’t have a formal job, they are unable to send their children to school. In Haiti, parents pay for their children to go to school and also are required to buy uniforms each year. This is often an insurmountable barrier. When having to choose between feeding their family or providing an education they, of course, need to choose feeding their families. Your support of the education of their children will help to alleviate their burden and can change their lives of the many generations.

Skills training and program development

Our mission is to support people with disabilities in Haiti. Although we are not limiting our support to Team Zaryen, we have been highly involved with members of the Team Zaryen Amputee Soccer Team and Wheelchair basketball team. The team is made up of members with amputations, multiple fractures and spinal cord injuries who are determined to improve their own lives and the lives of others. After becoming injured, most Team Zaryen athletes cannot perform the job they previously had. Only two Team Zaryen athletes currently have a formal job and most can not afford to send their children to school. Providing skills training can change the future of the adult and their family. We believe in giving a hand- up not a hand out. We are currently looking to support training programs for personalized wristbands, sandal making and screen printing on apparel.

Sponsor medical appointments and/or procedures

Helping a family get a loved one to a needed procedure is a daunting task in Haiti. You can provide support for medical appointments such as orthopedic or neurology appointments, procedures such as x-rays or lab tests, transportation and follow-up care for a child or adult in need. Often a child or adult with disability has a critical medical need but are unable to receive them due to financial hardship. You can make this possible and truly effect their life!

Sponsor orthotic/prosthetic devices

Often a device such as a brace or prosthetic leg can dramatically improve function and quality of life. Equipment such as an orthotic, prosthetic, pediatric positioning device, specialized wheelchair, augmentative communication or feeding device may mean the difference of being included in their community or being stranded in their homes. Your gift of this device will be life changing!

Sponsor Maykervens

MAYKERVENS: About one month after Maykervens was born his mother realized there was something wrong.  She went to four different hospitals in Port -au-Prince and two in Gonaives to find help.  She said it looked like there was water on his head.  They had an MRI done but they said that nothing was wrong.  His current diagnosis is Cerebral Palsy.   Maykervens mother has one other child and is struggling to provide for all of their needs.  She is separated from her husband and can not work because she has to take care of her kids.  Maykervens mother found the clinic just recently.   She said that someone told me to come here because there was good care for the kids. Maykeven’s mother says “I have seen improvement since coming to the clinic!   Before, he could not sit.  Now, he can sit in a small chair by himself.  Sometimes he […]

Markevens video

Support therapy

Followup care after an injury or illness is an additional hardship for those with disabilities in an under developed nations. Without a job or health care insurance, it is often out of reach to receive therapy services. Helping an adult with a disability to maximize their function will certainly change their lives for the better. Many children with cerebral palsy or other developmental impairments have never had any therapy intervention. Your support can change their lives!

Sponsor Alysha

  ALYSHA: Alysha is an adorable 21 month old little girl.  She was born prematurely after her mom, Julienne Charles,  had a blood pressure problem during pregnancy. Alysha has cerebral palsy.  Her mother went to four hospitals , two in Port-au-Prince and two in Gonaives to try to find out what was wrong and how she could help her.  Her parents were told she has cerebral palsy but not given information on how to help her to develop.  They are having a lot of difficulty feeding her due to her spasticity.  She moves constantly and turns her head to the side.  Her mother is the only one that can successfully feed her.  This puts her at great risk for malnutrition.   Julienne found out about the clinic from another women.  She said ” There’s a woman who came here with her kids. When this woman first started coming, her child couldn’t run, […]

Alysha and her mom


Chicken BBQ Fundraiser

This event was a wonderful success.  Thank you for your support! Hey local Haiti Rehab Project fans. Help us bring Haitian Athletes to the Boilermaker! Enjoy our Chicken BBQ at the Center for Rehab behind Faxton St. Lukes Healthcare on May 25 from 11am to 5pm or til gone. BBQ by Jim Spinella includes: Half BBQ chicken, salt potatoes, cole slaw, roll, drink and desert!  [download the flyer .pdf]  

Rehab Clinic Grand Opening!!

On January 7, 2016, the Haiti Rehab Project proudly sponsored the opening of the Rehab Clinic of Artibonite in Gonaives, Haiti.  Accomplishing this important goal – providing an area of 300,000 people access to rehabilitation services – was a culmination of many months of preparation and fundraising.  Imagine so many individuals who have suffered a stroke, spinal cord injury, or car accident or those caring for a child with special needs that do not have the availability of crucial rehabilitative services.  Now, those who desperately need these services around Gonaives, will not have to travel hours to Port-au-Prince to receive this care. This clinic also serves as a central hub for our Community Based Rehab Program for the surrounding mountainous villages.  We can reach even more people in the remote communities with this program.  Our teams participate in mobile medical and rehab clinics in areas that have little or no […]

September 2015

We’re in the news! Time Warner Cable covered our 2015 5K and Obstacle Challenge at FT Proctor Park in Utica, NY. Local Volunteers Host Event Seeking Donations to Help Build Medical Clinic in Haiti Supporters of the Haiti Rehab Project gathered in Proctor Park Saturday. They were racing to raise money for the organization that is determined to help Haitians in need. They tell Time Warner Cable News reporter Melissa Krull although the earthquake took place five years ago, the devastation continues. UTICA, N.Y. — Some of the people injured during the 2010 earthquake in Haiti are still in need of medical care. A group of volunteers is hoping to change that through the “Haiti Rehab Project.” “I was there initially when it was still prevalent in everyone’s mind, but we leave there and their disabilities and their struggles don’t end. And now, these are people that are disabled in […]

2014 Sponsors

Sponsorship Program Your sponsorship of the Haiti Rehab Project nonprofit organization provides needed rehabilitation and medical supplies for clinics, support volunteers for medical mission trips to Haiti and will help support programs for the disabled in Haiti. 2014 Sponsors of Haiti Rehab Project Heal Haiti – Platinum Sponsorship Cynthia Moss John Peters Beth Neuland Ryan Oliver Michelle Losurdo and family Ben Oliver / CPO Marketing Susan Pressimone Support Haiti – Gold Sponsorship TRAID Program – Lu Blanchard Kathleen Hanrahan Give to Haiti – Silver Sponsorship Community Car Wash Help Haiti – Bronze Sponsorship Home Depot Lowe’s Seneca Plumbing Church of the Holy Family, Vernon, NY St. Helena’s, Sherrill, NY Grace Lang and family Kathy Garry Melissa Hayward Laura Edmonds and family Paul and Robin Abbass and family Cindy and Randy Thomas Big Heart Sponsorship Jim Dotzler and family Melanie Miller and family FX Matt Brewing Company Georgio’s Village Cafe Recovery […]

2013 Sponsors

2013 Sponsors Your sponsorship of the Haiti Rehab Project nonprofit organization provides needed rehabilitation and medical supplies for clinics, support volunteers for medical mission trips to Haiti and will help support programs for the disabled in Haiti. Heal Haiti – Platinum Sponsorship Melissa Hayward Melanie Pogoda Theresa Ritze Colleen O’Leary Tracy Bass Mary Waters Lisa Spillett Cheryl Jewell Robin Abbass Jackie Ruggierio Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare Michelle Losurdo and family Susan Pressimone Ben Oliver / CPO Marketing Support Haiti – Gold Sponsorship Midstate Correctional Facility TRAID Program – Lu Blanchard Give to Haiti – Silver Sponsorship Oliver Express Community Car Wash Help Haiti – Bronze Sponsorship Church of the Holy Family, Vernon, NY St. Helena’s, Sherrill, NY Ben Oliver / CPO Marketing Faxton St. Luke,s Healthcare Rehabilitation Department Grace Lang and family Cindy and Randy Thomas Big Heart Sponsorship Scott and Kathy Perra Margaret Keblish Sarah Huzarewicz John Froas and […]

December 2013

December 2013 Check it out!  With our support Team Zaryen has rented space for a shop in Port-Au-Prince.  We are working on buying the start up supplies and equipment and are hoping to begin in January.  

October 2013

October 2013 The VVS Wheelchair Challenge staring the Sitrin Stars Basketball Team was a huge success!  Thanks to all who participated.  With your help we raised $1000 towards training members of Team Zaryen to start a business in Port-au Prince, Haiti! Also In October, The Community Car Wash in Sherrill, NY raise $300 for the Haiti Rehab Project.  So grateful to live in such a wonderful, giving community.

June 2013

June 2013 Our Saranac Thursday was a great success!  We raised over $600 to help Team Zaryen start their Sandals Business.  By assisting with start up costs, we are hoping to create 15-20 jobs for the amputee soccer players.   Helping them to be able to support themselves and their families.  Thanks to F. X. Matt Brewing Company!

April 2013

April 2013 Our team of Healthcare workers from Central NY on our trip to Haiti!   Half our team worked at Hospital Bernard Mev in Triage, ICU, Medical-Surgical Unit and Pediatrics.  The other half provided education, supplies and equipment to Healing Hands for Haiti  and 3 orphanages for children with special needs.  What an amazing experience!  

January 2013

January 2013 We are so excited!  Our team of Nurses, EMTs, Social Workers and Therapists from Faxton-St.Luke’s Healthcare, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center and area EMTs from Utica, NY are going to Haiti in April.  Each of us plan to bring a suitcase full of supplies!

October 20, 2012

October 20, 2012 Next stop after Faxton-St. Luke’s was the Upstate Cerebral Palsy TRAID program in Utica, NY. Many thanks to Lu and the rest of the great team there!!!  They filled the AFYA foundation truck with even more equipment to donate to Haiti!

October 17, 2012

October 17, 2012 Thanks to the team at Faxton-St. Lukes Hospital’s Inpatient Rehab Unit and Hospital Rehab Department for donated their extra equipment to Haiti today!!!  Another great experience working with the AFYA Foundation, too. Thank you, AFYA!

September 2012

September 2012 VVS sophomores raised over $150 at a bake sale today at St. Helena’s Church in Sherrill, NY and are planning a soccer tournament to raise money for Team Zaryen on Oct 22.  More details to follow! Go VVS! Faxton-St. Luke’s Healthcare Rehab Department raised over $300 so far in honor of Rehab Month and PT Month!  Their goal is to send care packages of rehab supplies to Haiti.  Thanks to everyone who baked and added to the Lottery Board!

June 10, 2012

June 10, 2012 Holy Family and St. Helena’s 9th graders held a Car Wash to support Haiti Rehab Project and assist with shipping the rest of the donated sneakers and cleats donated to Haiti. They raised $547!  Many thanks to a great group of young adults who worked very hard for our mission.  

May 22, 2012

May 22, 2012 Sitrin Stars Adapted Sports Program Director,  Marc DePerno,  OTR, and  Director of Physical Therapy, Dr. Jamie Wallace,  PT, DPT, of Sitrin Medical Rehabilitation Center together with Team Zaryen President, Cedieu Fortilus and Ginger Oliver, PT, DPT, explored further  program development and international opportunities for Team Zaryen.  Thank you, Marc and Jamie, for your suggestions and encouragement for the further development of Adaptive Sports Program in Haiti.

May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012 Chris Schreiderich shared his knowledge and experience with Team Zaryen President, Cedieu Fortilus, Rehab Tech, to educate on skills and products for the Adaptive Builders Programs to be developed in Haiti.   Equipment to be built would include rehab and medical equipment and supplies that could be utilized in healthcare clinics ad orphanages throughout Haiti.  Thank you, Chris!

May 20, 2012

May 20, 2012 Cedieu Fortilus, President of Team Zaryen, and Ginger Oliver, PT, DPT, presented Haiti Rehab Project and Team Zaryen’s initiatives to Church of the Holy Family and St. Helena’s parish council meeting in Sherrill, NY.  Their support enabled Haiti Rehab Project to ship the first packages of sneakers and cleats to Haiti for Team Zaryen and others in need.  We thank them for their support of our mission for Haiti. Ginger Oliver, Cedieu Fortilus and Father Mesmer

May 2012 Shoes!

May 2012 Vernon Verona Sherrill Central School District, in Verona, NY, collects and donates 217 pairs of sneakers and cleats to Haiti Rehab Project for Team Zaryen.  Thank you, VVS!  You Rock!  

March 2012

March 2012 Developed Partnership with Healing Hands for Haiti to help support their rehabilitation clinics and initiatives on the ground in Haiti.  Thank you, Steve and Gail, for your suggestions and positive feedback.

Feb 2012

Feb 2012 Completed needs assessment trip to Port au Prince, Haiti, in Feb, 2012.  Volunteered at Project Medishare and gained experience in the ICU and Medical –Surgical Unit, Spinal Cord Injury Unit, Pediatric Unit, Prosthetic and Orthotic Lab, Outpatient Rehab Clinic at Hospital Bernard Mev.  Spent time with Team Zaryen gaining experience on what current needs were in Haiti for the disabled in the community.

April 2011 to January, 2012

April 2011 to January, 2012 St. Luke’s Home in Utica, NY and Church of the Holy Family Parish donated beds, mattresses, bedside tables, wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, and various other medical supplies to Haiti and the Democratic Republic of the Congo in partnership with the AFYA Foundation.  

2014 Haiti Rehab Project 5K Race

Register               Volunteer               Sponsor the Race 9:00 am         Race Day Registration and Packet Pick-up at Parkway Recreation Center 10:00 am       2/10 Mile Fun Run for Kids under 7   –  Let the kids run their race, too!   Free for any child with a registered adult. 10:15 am       2/10 Mile Wheelchair/Assistive Device Victory Lap – Have you or a loved one benefitted from rehabilitation?   Come celebrate your success and take a celebration lap with us.    Walk with your walker, cane or crutches, propel your wheelchair, or have someone help you along. 10:30 am       2 Mile and 5K Walk, Run and Roll for Rehab.    These will be simultaneous events. Those racing in wheelchairs line up first.  Runners next. Those walking line up in the back, please. 12:00 pm        Post Race Party and Award Ceremony at the Parkway Recreation Center Awards: 5K […]

April 2014 Mission Trip

12 weeks until our next mission trip to Haiti!  Our group is fundraising for help with travel expenses and for supplies to bring for teaching Team Zaryen how to make canes, walkers and crutches out of PVC pipe.  Some new or used supplies we need are: Power saw Jigsaw PVC Pipe Cutter or hack saw Measuring tape Carpenters square Dead blow Hammer Hammer Misc. clamps Vice grips 80 and 100-grit sandpaper or Coarse/Medium Sanding Sponge Eye Goggles Face mask Cordless Drill Misc Drill Bits Power Palm Sander Thank you for any assistance you can give!

Join us at Saranac Thursday on June 27, 2013!

Matt Brewing Company Courtyard Doors Open 5:30 pm – Live Music 6-9 pm Must be 21 yrs   Your $20 donation to the Haiti Rehab Project includes:  Admission to FX Matt Brewery’s SARANAC Thursday (6/27 only)  3 complimentary drinks of your choice  A Haiti Rehab Project wristband to wear to the event  A chance to win one of these five themed gift baskets…Saranac Brewery – Adirondack Wine and Cheese -Tea Time – Coffee Me – Oneida Crystal Or Become a Member of the Haiti Rehab Project and: Enjoy the evening for FREE (our gift to you) Receive a subscription to our e-newsletter, keeping you up to date on our progress in Haiti. Go to Become a Member page to register Haiti Rehab Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support rehabilitation and medical clinics, orphanages, families, and outreach programs for those with special needs in Haiti. Where there […]


Motivational Stones, Rubble and Signs

Out of the Rubble and Into the Light… Inspirational messages of hope and restoration for all.   Nehemiah 4:2   New International Version (NIV) He said, “What are those people doing? Will they restore their wall? Can they bring the stones back to life from those heaps of rubble —destroyed as they are?” Help support our neighbors in Haiti as they rebuild from the rubble.  Words Word Set 1 Word Set 2 Word Set 3 Word Set 4 Red Love Dream Blessings Triumph Orange Hope Imagine Forgive Passion Yellow Believe Change Pray Determination Green Gratitude Strength Grace Harmony Blue Peace Courage Joy Friendship Purple Faith Inspire Rejoice Kindness   Words Word Set 5 Word Set 6 Word Set 7 Word Set 8 Red Success Remember Celebrate Wisdom Orange Teamwork Serenity Balance Explore Yellow Vision Compassion Create Honesty Green Synergy Simplify Focus Integrity Blue Optimism Persevere Listen Patience Purple Passion Imagine Encourage […]

Adaptive Builders Program

Help a disabled person support themselves and their family by building rehab and medical equipment to support clinics throughout Haiti.                                                                                            Adpative Builders Tool kit Drill, Screws Hammer, Nails PVC pipe , corners and wheels Wood and PVC pipe Glue Paint, Paint Brushes Material for shelves, cloth Price includes supplies and shipping to Haiti   Price will include supplies to build item in Haiti, labor for Haitian builder and delivery to a Haitian clinic.  Come back soon to see our progress on developing this program in Haiti.

rocker board


Occupational Therapy Month Service Project

Looking for an EASY OT Month Service Project? You can directly help rehabilitation programs in the devastated country of Haiti.   All the prep work is done for you.    Simply download our FREE fundraiser kit and begin!   Free fundraiser kit includes downloadable posters, forms and checklists for quick, simple, successful fundraising projects.  Additional Packages to enhance your fundraising effort are also available.  Individuals or Teams raising $500 or more will receive a Haiti Rehab Project engraved plaque as a thank you for your efforts.  Go to Fundraising Packages to get started now! Or Become a Member of Haiti Rehab Project By becoming a Haiti Rehab Project Member, you can directly help people in Haiti with disabilities support their families and send their children to school.   Through your membership your contribution will directly support daily work wages or tuition. These wages will help the team members buy food, water, and pay for education […]