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Chicken BBQ Fundraiser

This event was a wonderful success.  Thank you for your support!

Hey local Haiti Rehab Project fans. Help us bring Haitian Athletes to the Boilermaker! Enjoy our Chicken BBQ at the Center for Rehab behind Faxton St. Lukes Healthcare on May 25 from 11am to 5pm or til gone. BBQ by Jim Spinella includes: Half BBQ chicken, salt potatoes, cole slaw, roll, drink and desert!  [download the flyer .pdf]


Rehab Clinic Grand Opening!!

On January 7, 2016, the Haiti Rehab Project proudly sponsored the opening of the Rehab Clinic of Artibonite in Gonaives, Haiti.  Accomplishing this important goal – providing an area of 300,000 people access to rehabilitation services – was a culmination of many months of preparation and fundraising.  Imagine so many individuals who have suffered a stroke, spinal cord injury, or car accident or those caring for a child with special needs that do not have the availability of crucial rehabilitative services.  Now, those who desperately need these services around Gonaives, will not have to travel hours to Port-au-Prince to receive this care.

This clinic also serves as a central hub for our Community Based Rehab Program for the surrounding mountainous villages.  We can reach even more people in the remote communities with this program.  Our teams participate in mobile medical and rehab clinics in areas that have little or no access to healthcare.

More information and pictures coming soon!

September 2015

We’re in the news!

Time Warner Cable covered our 2015 5K and Obstacle Challenge at FT Proctor Park in Utica, NY.

Local Volunteers Host Event Seeking Donations to Help Build Medical Clinic in Haiti

Supporters of the Haiti Rehab Project gathered in Proctor Park Saturday. They were racing to raise money for the organization that is determined to help Haitians in need. They tell Time Warner Cable News reporter Melissa Krull although the earthquake took place five years ago, the devastation continues.

UTICA, N.Y. — Some of the people injured during the 2010 earthquake in Haiti are still in need of medical care. A group of volunteers is hoping to change that through the “Haiti Rehab Project.”

“I was there initially when it was still prevalent in everyone’s mind, but we leave there and their disabilities and their struggles don’t end. And now, these are people that are disabled in an environment that doesn’t have access to things that we have here,” said Karly Streisfeld, a member of the Haiti Rehab Project.

The organization’s mission is to support rehabilitation and medical clinics, orphanages, families, and outreach programs for those with special needs in Haiti.

To raise awareness and funds, they held their second 5K run event.

See the full article here!


April 2014 Mission Trip

12 weeks until our next mission trip to Haiti!  Our group is fundraising for help with travel expenses and for supplies to bring for teaching Team Zaryen how to make canes, walkers and crutches out of PVC pipe.  Some new or used supplies we need are:
Power saw
PVC Pipe Cutter or hack saw
Measuring tape
Carpenters square
Dead blow Hammer
Misc. clamps
Vice grips
80 and 100-grit sandpaper or Coarse/Medium Sanding Sponge
Eye Goggles
Face mask
Cordless Drill
Misc Drill Bits
Power Palm Sander
Thank you for any assistance you can give!