Sponsor Lucceal


Luccheal is almost 4. He is scheduled to start his 2nd year of Kindergarten. In Haiti, Kindergarten starts at age 3. His father, Orima Luccene is a member of Team Zaryen Amputee Soccer Team. Luccene tells us ” I have two children who should return to school this year. And I do not yet see the means. I am a professional who does not work yet. Economically I am really weak to support my children. So every year I want this year is seeing my two children return to school in the coming months. I have a daughter and a boy.”  Lucceal’s father is a loving dad who wants the best for his children.  Having a disability in Haiti, makes is extremely difficult for his father to find work to support his family.  He wants nothing more to be able to provide for his children and will be receiving skills training through our program to help with employment possibilities but for now he is needing support for his children.

Your Sponsorship will provide Lucceal:

  1. One year of school.
  2. Assistance for multi-vitamins and food for Lucceal and his sibling.

As a Thank You from us, you will receive:

  • 2-3 personal letters from his father on how Lucceal is doing through your support.
  • Five “Haiti 500” wristbands handmade by a Team Zaryen athlete with disability. See our Adaptive Sports page to learn more about Team Zaryen. Keep them or give them out and spread the word!
  • Acknowledgement on our “Haiti 500 Sponsorship Wall of Fame” on our website and Facebook page.

Ways to Connect With Your Recipient:

  • Send letters, cards, and photographs
  • Visit them in Haiti on a Mission Trip!

Supporting their care will truly make a huge difference in Lucceal’s life!  

  • Join our Haiti 500 Club and change his world.
  • We kindly ask for a two year commitment for sponsoring Lucceal.
  • All  you need to do is go back to our Haiti 500 page and chose to sponsor Lucceal!