Sponsor Clairona Lima


Clairona Lima is a precious little girl who has an unhealed ankle fracture and a chest deformity. She lives in a remote village called Lacoupe way up in the mountains of Haiti.   In this area, a medical clinic was recently opened two days per week at the new community center.  Her father brings all of his 7 children to the medical clinic when they need medical care.  When he heard that there was a new therapy clinic day there that Haiti Rehab Project opened in 2017, he was so excited.  He brought Clairona there as soon as he could.  He brought her because of her ankle fracture and because she can’t walk. Clairona’s mother passed away and her father struggles to provide for all of his children.  To get to the clinic, he walks for two and a half hours carrying Clairona.  Her father hopes she will be able to learn to move for herself and some day be able to attend school. 

We are so excited to meet Clairona and believe she will be able to make great progress with our help.  She will need some type of assistive device for walking, possibly a pediatric walker that she can use use for support while hopping.   She also is malnourished and her father doesn’t have enough money to support her medical needs or her nutritional needs.  

 Your Sponsorship will provide Clairona:

  1. One year of therapy in our clinic
  2. Assistance for her to be further assessed for adaptive equipment to assist her progress.
  3. Multivitamins, education and reassurance for her father.

As a Thank You from us, you will receive:

  • 2-3 personal letters from her parents on how Clairona is doing through your support.
  • Five “Haiti 500” wristbands handmade by a Team Zaryen athlete with disability. See our Adaptive Sports page to learn more about Team Zaryen. Keep them or give them out and spread the word!
  • Acknowledgement on our “Haiti 500 Sponsorship Wall of Fame” on our website and Facebook page.

Ways to Connect With Your Recipient:

  • Send letters, cards, and photographs
  • Visit them in Haiti on a Mission Trip!

Supporting her care will truly make a huge difference in this Clairona’s life!  

  • Join our Haiti 500 Club and change her world.
  • We kindly ask for a two year commitment for Clairona.
  • All  you need to do is go back to our Haiti 500 page and chose to sponsor Clairona!