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Alysha and her mom



Alysha is an adorable 21 month old little girl.  She was born prematurely after her mom, Julienne Charles,  had a blood pressure problem during pregnancy. Alysha has cerebral palsy.  Her mother went to four hospitals , two in Port-au-Prince and two in Gonaives to try to find out what was wrong and how she could help her.  Her parents were told she has cerebral palsy but not given information on how to help her to develop.  They are having a lot of difficulty feeding her due to her spasticity.  She moves constantly and turns her head to the side.  Her mother is the only one that can successfully feed her.  This puts her at great risk for malnutrition.  

Julienne found out about the clinic from another women.  She said ” There’s a woman who came here with her kids. When this woman first started coming, her child couldn’t run, sit, or stand.  Now her daughter can do all of that!  She told me to come here.”   Alysha has been coming to the our clinic in Gonaives for rehab for two weeks now and her parents are so happy to find this place.  They are learning so much! Her mother hopes that she will learn to keep her neck straight and learn to walk.  As she gets older and bigger, she will not be able to carry her everywhere.  She is hoping that she will learn to walk so she will to move on her own.

We know that Alysha will benefit greatly from the therapy.  Because of her spasticity, Alysha may need neoprene hand braces to help her to be able to use her hands functionally.  She will also need some type of device to help her stand and walk.  She will also be assessed for possible medication to help with her spasticity.

Your Sponsorship will provide Alysha:

  1. One year of therapy in our clinic
  2. Assistance for her to be further assessed for adaptive equipment and possible medication to assist her progress.
  3. Education and reassurance for her parents.

As a Thank You from us, you will receive:

  • 2-3 personal letters from her parents on how Alysha is doing through your support.
  • Five “Haiti 500” wristbands handmade by a Team Zaryen athlete with disability. See our Adaptive Sports page to learn more about Team Zaryen. Keep them or give them out and spread the word!
  • Acknowledgement on our “Haiti 500 Sponsorship Wall of Fame” on our website and Facebook page.

Ways to Connect With Your Recipient:

  • Send letters, cards, and photographs
  • Visit them in Haiti on a Mission Trip!

Supporting her care will truly make a huge difference in this Alysha’s life!  

  • Join our Haiti 500 Club and change Alysha’s world.
  • We kindly ask for a two year commitment for Alyssa.
  • All  you need to do is go back to our Haiti 500 page and chose to sponsor Alysha.