Support Team Zaryen and the Shop in Port-au-Prince

Finding a job in Haiti in difficult enough, finding one if you have a disability is almost impossible.  In late 2013, we opened our shop in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.   At our shop, we provide a space for those with physical disabilities to meet, plan and work.  Here they have the opportunity to support themselves and their families in a country where finding employment is difficult and even more difficult for those with disabilities.

Team Zaryen is an Amputee Soccer Team and Wheelchair Basketball team  who came together for comradery and support.  These amazing athletes with disabilities are determined to improve their lives and the lives of others with disabilities in Haiti.  Their mission is to spread hope to others that you can live and thrive with a disability.

In order to provide a place for Team Zaryen to work we are looking for 4 Haiti 500 donors to help fund the rent and utilities for the shop in Port-au-Prince.  Learn more about our shop here

Also, we are looking for support to help Team Zaryen members send their children to school. These children of Team Zaryen members are currently needing assistance to go to school.

  • Sabrina Rose Camel Arindal (4yo- 3rd year K)
  • Sabidael Arindal (14 yo-5th grade)
  • Islande Andre (?age)
  • Davidson Andre (6yo-3rd year K)
  • Wesfalie Landie Andre (10 yo -5th grade)
  • Jose Isaac (4yo – 2nd year K)
  • Jose Issac (12 yo- 3rd grade)
  • Lucchael Luccene (4yo – 2nd year K)
  • Shammaelle Luccene (3yo-1st year K)
  • Theemaque Emmanel (14 yo- 6 grade)
  • Jose Lickson (12 yo-3rd grade)
  • St Julien Lixson (14 yo-grade 5)
  • Obenson St Julien (17yo-6 grade)
  • Bruno Williamson (4yo – 2nd year K)
  • Wadline Bruno (10yo – Grade 1)
  • Bruno Daniel (5yo-2nd year K)