Support Rehab and Medical Clinics in Haiti

  • Our mission is to provide support to rehabilitation and medical clinics on the ground in Haiti.  We do this by sending care packages of needed supplies and equipment.  You can build a carepackage yourself or with your fundraiser group.  Or purchase one at our store and we can do the work for you!
  • We also send volunteers to provide care to patients and education to Haitian healthcare workers so they can care for their own.   If you are a medical professional, you can volunteer a week or more at one of our partner programs in Haiti.  If you can’t travel yourself but would like to support a volunteer, you can donate funds for this.

Support Outreach Programs in Haiti

Adaptive Builders Programs

  • Haiti Rehab Project’s goals include providing skills training, support and resources for people with amputations, spinal cord injuries and others with disabilities to learn ways to provide and be successful in Haiti with their disability.  Help us provide training programs for members of Team Zaryen and give them jobs.
  • Our first mission included renting a shop to provide educational classes and skills training to make PVC rehab and medical equipment and for a sewing and embroidery program.  In the future, they also want to make sandals to sell.  With your support, we accomplished this in 2013.  Providing this space gives those with disabilities the ability to gain skills and work in order to provide for themselves and family in Haiti.  The team will make items to be sold in Haiti and on Haiti Rehab Project website.
  • In 2014, we were able to teach players to work with PVC.  They learned to make walkers, canes, chairs, shelves, tables and more out of PVC.  The rehab items can be distributed in Haiti directly to those in need or to hospitals or medical and rehabilitation clinics.   See picture gallery of equipment samples to be made by members of Team Zaryen.
  • Members of Team Zaryen also participate on the ground in Haiti by distributing donated care packages and medical equipment to area hospitals, clinics and orphanages sent to Haiti from the Haiti Rehab Project.
  • All of these initiatives build confidence, skills training, and work capacity for those with disabilities in order to have sustainable jobs in Haiti.

Adaptive Sports Programs

  • Amputee soccer programs for men, women and children with upper and lower extremity amputations provide teamwork and positive interactions.
  • Programs for wheelchair racing and wheelchair basketball are being developed to give more people opportunities to participate and experience success.
  • Help the team with its goal to be able to participate in international events and raise awareness for the continued local needs in Haiti.
  • Some may qualify to participate in international road races or Paralympic track meets with the possibility of earning a salary for competing.  They would be proudly representing the country of Haiti and demonstrating success for the disabled.
  • These initiatives would empower Haitians with and without disabilities to organize and participate in sports and give courage to carry on.

Support Team Zaryen’s Initiatives

  • Help us support Team Zaryen and their initiatives to change the lives of people with disabilities in Haiti.  This amputee soccer team was created after the 2010 earthquake when hundreds in Haiti needed to have limbs amputated due to severe injuries or wounds that would not heal.  Zaryen, the Creole word for Tarantula, is a spider known to carry on despite the loss of a limb. This fitting name describes the passion of the team and their vision to expand its mission beyond soccer.  This team wants to send a message of hope to all who are disabled that they can carry on and be successful in Haiti.
  • Currently, only 2 members of Team Zaryen have a formal job.  They are unable to support themselves and are often homeless and hungry.  Please donate to help give them skills to support themselves and their families.  The sports programs give them a sense of belonging and an opportunity to be successful.  The Team Zaryen outreach programs give them an opportunity to work, give back to their communities, and give hope to others.

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